Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer questions regarding our community.

We ask that you try not to spend more than 15 minutes on this survey. Your first thoughts are probably the most honest.
If something does come to mind afterwards, or there is something you would like to elaborate on, please feel free to email us at : renee@delawdercreative.com . It is our hope, that from your answers, we can find a purposeful unified voice, discover our aligning goals and join our commonalities to help build a stronger community.

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Do you vote in Pike County elections?
What type of businesses do you wish Pike County had more of
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Which of the following do you think Pike County officials should focus on?
I feel safe in Pike County
I wish there was more to do in Pike County
I never know when something is going on in Pike County until the last minute
I have spoken to at least one of my County officials in the last 6 months
I have spoken to at least one of my VILLAGE officials in the last 6 months
What do you wish your Village officials would focus on?
In terms of activities in the county, where do you go to get the majority of information? *
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