Ohio born, Ohio educated but Los Angeles school, Renée DeLawder has been designing and creating since the age of 8. Her first business was a join venture with her sister and neighbor, selling "Cabbage Patch Rocks"- were total profit was approximately two dollars- which was a lot in '85- just enough after profit sharing to get a big red  and astro pop .

Self-taught in all things Adobe, Renée has been assisting small businesses and companies for nearly 23 years.

 Lover of design, baseball & dream chasing. Analogue connoisseur with a new appreciation to Mid-Century furniture. And yes, I have a rotary phone and still use film for my camera. Did I mention I enjoy deadline almost as much as I love a bottomless cup of black coffee. (which is a lot) 

I'm a big believer in spending your time creating, learning and doing. I'm not saying this is a 24/7 activity- but I do think it's important to always seek new knowledge and experience.  Getting out of your comfort zone isn't always a bad idea. You can find inspiration and adventure in a pretty much anything... Good live music. Buying art. Tackling new recipes. Admiring well executed marketing plans. Brilliant design.  And to me that's what being a Life Enthusiast is all about.